The Rules

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The Rules

Mensagem por Admin em Dom Out 05, 2014 7:32 pm

Hey everyone!
We have a shiny new forum now! All clean and pretty.
And i would love to keep it that way, so here are some rules!
1-Any racist,sexist,homophobic messages/topics/comments/replies/signatures will get you banned for good. You will not be asked to delete the message or be warned. You will be directly banned. Because you are a jerk.
2-No porn pictures! There are younger people in rinmarugames and their innocent eyes should be protected.
3-No cyber bullying.
4-swearing/using bad words is okay to some point but if you are going to swear like there is no tomorrow, at least use a spoiler tag so that the younger audiance won't have a heart attack.
5-If you have PG material in your fanfictions/mangas/stories, TAG your thread with the appropriate age restriction. Example: lonely space vixens [+18]
6-Don't double post. One of your posts will probably get deleted.
7-That's it! Enjoy <3

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